The coffee syphon.

What you need:

  • Coffee Siphon (Hario TCA-3 is used here)
  • Metal filter holder
  • Filters
  • Bamboo paddle
  • Conical burr grinder (manual or automatic)
  • Scale
  • Kettle (gooseneck or standard)
  • Butane burner (recrow is used here)
  • 35 grams of coffee (medium coarseness)
  • boiling water

Step 1

What you will need to brew with a siphon. Hario TCA-3 will be used.

Step 2

Place the filter into the metal holder by screwing it in. Pour water from the kettle onto the filter, drop filter into the upper chamber of the siphon (ensure the filter paper is not caught underneath the holder). Latch the filter to the glass tubing with the hook found at the end of the spring, you will have to pull the spring down to hook it.

Step 3

Bring the water to a complete boil and pour the water into the lower chamber until it is just above the 3-cup line.

Step 4

Insert the upper chamber into the lower chamber and press firmly to create a seal. Turn on the butane burner directly under the lower bowl at a medium flame.

Step 5

While the water is heating up, grind the beans to a medium coarseness. Weigh out about 30 grams of coffee. If you are using a TCA-5 you should weigh out 45 grams of coffee.

Step 6

The water will begin to rise into the upper chamber, allow half of the water to rise into the upper chamber. At this point lower the flame the temperature should stay around 195-200°F in the upper chamber. As the water continues to rise, pour in the coffee grinds. Do not stir the grinds but “fold” them into the water. Be gentle mixing the grinds with the water to reduce agitation.

Step 7

After 30-35 seconds gas will collect at the top of the slurry, use the bamboo paddle to gently break the layer at the top to release the gas. Allow the coffee to infuse for 1.5 minutes total. If you are using a TCA-5 you should allow the coffee to infuse for 2 minutes.

Step 8

Once the infusing time has been reached remove the heat source. With the bamboo paddle begin stirring the slurry in a clockwise direction to start the slurry swirling, maintain the swirling until the slurry begins to move down. At this point remove the paddle and wait for all the coffee to enter the lower chamber again.

Step 9

Once all the coffee has been collected into the lower chamber, a quick surge of air will be infused (caused by the vacuum). This will form foam in the bowl. At this point you can remove the upper chamber by rocking it back and forth. Place the upper chamber into the lid slot, leave it in here until it is cool enough to clean.

Step 10

The bottom chamber is now your server, grab the handle and pour the coffee into a pre-heated glass (use the leftover water from the kettle to heat the glass). Enjoy!


Remove the clip of the spring from the glass tube. While holding this clip turn the upper bowl of the siphon upside down and shake the grinds out into the garbage or compost. Move the upper bowl to the sink and let the filter drop into the sink. Run warm water through the upper bowl, holding the siphon upright, and use a soft brush to scrub the inside of the upper bowl. Turn the upper bowl upside down onto a drying rack. Grab the filter and rinse excess grinds off the filter, twist the filter holder and dispose of the filter. Run the filter holder under warm water, do not use soap. Once you have poured all the coffee out of the lower bowl, run warm water into the bowl and give a few vigorous swirls. Use a test tube brush to clean the bottom of the lower bowl.