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I was a little confused about where this cafe was located, I thought that maybe it was strictly a roastery without a cafe portion. I decided to explore and went through the front doors. Immediately to the left was a door that looked like it was from an old western film. I pushed through and was lead into the cafe, which was decorated further like an old western film. The cafe was very busy, with a long line to order and not a lot of sitting room left. I was impressed by their offerings and also their brew method menu.

I ordered an Aeropress of the Rwandan roast and a side of Ethiopian single origin espresso. I found a spot at a nearby table and started sipping the espresso. It was very flavourful, presenting fruity notes and aromatic. the brewed coffee was just as good, light in body but deep in taste. They also sell all of their roasts at the back of the cafe. I was quite surprised by this cafe, I would come back to this cafe and would recommend this cafe. I would really like to check out their other locations as well.

Cafe Information.

Owner: Kim Jenkins

Opened: Mid 2012

Beans: Roast their own.

Espresso Machine: Synesso

Grinder: Mahlkonig

Address: 1455 W 29th St

Hours: Mon-Thurs: 6am-6pm, Fri: 6am-6pm, Sat: 6am-8pm, Sun: 8am-6pm

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