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Fuego Coffee Roasters: Experience.

Fuego Coffee Roasters in Rochester, New York was quite the experience for me. I pulled up to an exotic looking building with a unique mural of coffee brewing equipment being thrown into a fire. I quickly learned that Fuego means “fire” in Spanish, hence the giant ball of flames around the front door. Walking into Fuego Coffee Roasters my eyes were drawn to the solid body of the Victoria Arduino Athena Classic Leva espresso machine standing in the middle of the espresso bar. I’ve only come across one other café that uses this machine and it was also in Rochester, coincidence? I think not. What I quickly came to realize is that the coffee industry in Rochester is quite close knit, different cafes support each other.

Fuego Coffee

Walking up to the counter I met Biagio. With a thick full beard and his hat tucked down it was hard to tell but I noticed he didn’t stop smiling the entire time he was brewing up drinks for customers at the bar. Biagio brings a sense of happiness and relaxedness to Fuego Coffee Roasters, which is great to see in an industry that is flooded with ego and entitlement. There were quite a few people sitting at the bar and they all seemed to know each other, as more people came in they would come and join the other at the bar. There is a strong sense of community here at Fuego, which I was welcomed into with open arms. Everyone here was open and friendly with me.

Fuego Coffee

Now to the coffee. Biagio pulled me a shot of Papua New Guinea from the Arduino and it was smooth, floral with a strong nutty flavour. It was a clean presentation without a side of water, which is a small detail that I tend to enjoy. Following the espresso I ordered a Latte that was a perfect balance of milk and espresso (still the Papua New Guinea). They offer Chemex and Kalita slow brew methods as well. As I was sipping on the latte another smiling face came beaming through the front doors his name was Mitch and he is one of the roasters for Fuego.

Fuego Coffee

Mitch greeted me and answered all the questions I had about Fuego Coffee Roasters and their process. They use a 15kg drum Ambex coffee roaster, which is located off site. They opened their doors in August of 2013 and have been providing Rochester with farm to cup coffee ever since. Mitch and I started discussing different coffee shops across the country and by the time we had finished talking I had an extensive list of cafes to check out. Mitch was very knowledgeable in all things coffee, it was great to see how much passion he has for his art.

Fuego Coffee

Tony and Renee Colon are the owners of Fuego Coffee Roasters and are determined to provide customers great coffee from several regions such as Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Honduras. Tony was born in Malone, New York and moved to Rochester in 2006. He started in the coffee industry at a local café and decided, with Renee’s encouragement, to open his own café and roastery. Fuego Coffee Roasters has come a long way since 2013. They have found a nice location that provides a quite space for doing work or relaxing and passionate staff members that make the experience enjoyable.

I enjoyed my time at Fuego with Biagio and Mitch and look forward to coming back to Rochester the high quality coffee and great stories. It’s not often I give a solid 5 bean rating to a café but I truly think Fuego Coffee Roasters is a strong roaster and café. If you are in the area, or passing through, this café will not disappoint.

Fuego Coffee Roasters: Gallery.

Fuego Coffee Roasters: Information.

Owner: Tony Colon and Renee Colon

Opened: 2013

Beans: Roast their own

Espresso Machine: Victoria Arduino Athena Classic Leva Brass 2-group

Grinder: Mazzer

Address: 167 Liberty Pole Way

Hours: Mon – Fri: 7:30am – 10:30pm, Sat: 8am – 10:30pm, Sun: 9am – 8pm

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